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Christmas In July Fundraising Event

As a company, Middleton Meyers encourages its employees to seek out community opportunities and get involved. If there’s a community initiative or cause our employees want to contribute to, we want to contribute as well.

Drew Swift, our Director of Coaching, has been supporting a long-time friend Audrey Hood in reaching her goal for an amazing organization, Carolina Breast Friends. CFB supports breast cancer patients and survivors. Founded in 2003 by Kristy Adams-Ebel, Carolina Breast Friends has been able to support more than 2000 Charlotte breast cancer survivors. One of their fundraising events includes “Dancing with the Stars” for the Pink House. Each year, 13 new people are selected as stars. The stars compete in a dance competition but even more importantly, the Stars fundraise to be able to compete in this competition.

Audrey Hood, one of this year’s Stars, is participating in the event to fundraise and support the mission of CBF. Over the coming months, Audrey will be learning her routine while raising $30,000 in funds for the breast cancer community. We had the opportunity to meet with Audrey and have an in-depth conversation about her inspiring story and her connection to such an impactful organization.

“My dad was a huge philanthropist and an attorney. Every day he was serving people. He did so much in the community where I grew up. I didn’t realize how much he had done until he passed. And I always think to myself, what a great example to leave for your kids,” stated Audrey.

Since her father’s passing in 2014, Audrey has done a fundraiser every year, whether it be for an organization, a person, or a family. Audrey felt an incredible sense of purpose serving Carolina Breast Friends this year. Not only has breast cancer affected people she holds dear, but when she was first nominated as a dancer, her close friend Sonita was diagnosed with breast cancer two days prior. It was a very emotional and touching moment where Audrey realized this was a calling for her.

It goes without saying, there were certainly many challenges Audrey had to overcome. She mentioned moments where she would ask herself how she was going to do it. How was she going to take dance lessons while being a wife, a teacher, and a mom while chasing the goal of raising $30,000? Audrey reminds herself of the mission CBF stands for and the fight that so many people have to endure. She credits her group of friends for being able to give her the strength to keep going. She credits her dad who set the quintessential example of selflessness.

“Ultimately, what drives me to do this daily for Carolina Breast Friends is so that if some day, any of these women or someone in your community is diagnosed with breast cancer, they know where they can go to get the support and help they need.”

Audrey’s story is one of perseverance and selflessness, which directly reflects our core values as a company. We strive to embody these values every day, and we find Audrey’s story inspiring in a multitude of ways. We are proud to be apart of such an amazing event. If you would like to donate to Audrey’s fundraising cause, you can do so here:

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