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Marketing Madness: Cultivating Culture

Last year, the Middleton Meyers name was known well in the Charlotte and surrounding areas, but is now becoming a recognizable name across the world. Over the course of four months, the Middleton Meyers marketing team has increased the Middleton Meyers social media following by over 150k+ followers combined across all platforms. In April, our marketing team decided to strategically shift their focus towards TikTok, a popular short video sharing app, by creating videos showcasing the behind-the-scenes culture here at Middleton Meyers. The content ranges anywhere from company perks and swag, to events in our office and around our community, and other day-to-day shenanigans. Through this effort, the Middleton Meyers marketing team was able to grow the TikTok following by 100k in just under a month.

The presence our marketing team has created on TikTok has soared across other social media platforms along the way— with an abundance of viewers wondering, “Who is Middleton Meyers, and what do they do?” The TikTok growth has encouraged those who are curious to check out our other social media platforms, which gained us thousands of followers on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. This wide-ranging audience has provided us with an opportunity to tell the Middleton Meyers story through different channels.

Middleton Meyers has created a culture through social media that has innovated the use of non-traditional platforms in the property management and investment world. After the initial viral video showcasing new hire company swag, the marketing team was able to show our followers a sneak peek into the culture and ethics of our office. Whether it’s pranks on our boss, pop-up petting zoos, or special celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries, our content continues to prove there is never a dull day at Middleton Meyers. Not only has this campaign created popular content viewed by millions, but it also creates an environment in the workplace that our employees value.

In less than 48 hours after our first viral the Middleton Meyers talent acquisition team received hundreds of applications and inquires on open positions. This influx of applicants has provided us with the opportunity to find the best and the brightest candidates. As our digital marketing continues to expand, we consistently challenge ourselves to incorporate multiple platform to showcase the Middleton Meyers brand and highlight our everyday work in new creative ways. What started as a unique way to market our company has turned into one of our biggest recruiting and branding assets.

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